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Fund Overview

The fund is actively managed and invests globally across asset classes, but will generally have an equity bias. The fund is focused on bottom-up, fundamental stock selection. We will ensure that asset allocation is driven by the expected returns from each asset class that will achieve a reasonable return with an acceptable amount of risk. The standard deviation of returns of the fund should be similar to those of the benchmark (MSCI World US$). The fund cannot use leverage, or have net short positions.

The fund aims to create long-term wealth for investors. In addition to outperforming the benchmark, the fund also aims to outperform the average return of a similar peer group without assuming additional risk.

The fund seeks to acquire great global companies trading at material discounts to intrinsic value and where earnings are likely to grow over the medium-to-longer-term because of structural industry tailwinds. We place particular emphasis on analysing the strength of the business model, the sustainability of returns and the ability of a company to pay increasingly higher dividends to shareholders. Importantly, we want to be shareholders in these companies for a long time. We are keenly aware that great companies do not always make great investments if they are purchased at the wrong price. If the returns from equities as an asset class do not look attractive, we will strategically allocate funds to alternative asset classes where the returns are more attractive in order to protect capital and reduce volatility.


Return (US$ %) Year to Date 1 Year Annualised 2 Year Annualised Since Inception Annualised
Fund 10.1 -5.5 -15.4 0.5
Benchmark 9.6 3.2 -0.2 9.7

Top 10 Equities


Risk Profile and Measures

Moderate to high risk. The performance of the fund is directly linked to the performance of global equity markets. As the Rand can be a volatile currency, this could lead to significant fluctuations in the rand value of this fund

% Fund Benchmark
Maximum Drawdown -42.0 -34.0
Percentage Positive Months 51.8 70.6
Annualised Monthly Volatility 17.6 15.6
Highest Annual Return 65.1 54.0
Lowest Annual Return -30.9 -19.6


Per Annum / VAT Inclusive Class A($0 - $299k) % Class B($300 - $599k) % Class C(>$599k) %
Investment Manager Annual Fee 1.1 0.9 0.75
AIFM Annual Fee 0.495 0.475 0.405
Administrator Fee 0.03 0.03 0.03
Depository Fee 0.015 0.015 0.015
Total Expense Ratio 1.64 1.42 1.2
Transaction Costs (TC) 0.13 0.13 0.13
Total Investment Cost (TIC) 1.77 1.55 1.33

Key Facts

Fund Type Fund of Sanlam Global Funds plc (RAIF)
Fund Currency US dollars
Launch Date 18-Apr-16
Fund Size $23.00 million
Benchmark MSCI World Index (US$) total return
Minimum Investment $1 000
Dealing Frequency Daily

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